Men of Apex

The mission of the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit as it pertains to the “Men of APEX” is to support, nurture, and enhance the development of young African American males who are members of Wayne State University Apex Scholars Program.

Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime

Project Success programming is designed to provide African American male students an environment that is conducive for learning, thus giving the students and their educators a greater opportunity for success.

Health And Wellness
It's Your Health

Encouraging African-American men to develop an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician. Promoting regular health screenings and physical exams in an effort to reduce the overall death rate of black men in Michigan.

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“We are an organization of caring and active African American men who are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community through our collective resources, abilities and experiences. Our resolute commitment is in helping African American youth achieve success in education, health & wellness and economic development through structured and purposeful mentoring.”President, Bill Luse
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